As a certified B-Corporation, it’s part of our mission to promote environmental sustainability and education. We’re working to minimize our environmental impact and ensure that every stage of our process is as green as possible. By aligning ourselves with local organizations that share these values, we’re developing strong partners in the campaign for better awareness and proactive change.


Standardization is boring. Our industry thrives on people who think and work differently, and we encourage that at the distribution level too. That’s why we work closely with each client to create a unique program that suits their goals and helps them structure their business. We’re a distributor but also a resource – here to educate and advise whenever we can.



Filigreen has a Type-11 Distribution License and is an active member of the Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA) and the California Growers Association (CGA). We lead with compliance and help our partners follow suit.


We don’t believe in blind faith – and neither do our clients. Our interactive client portal creates complete transparency, allowing everyone involved to track the status of their goods at every stage of the process.



Sometimes numbers speak louder than words. Especially in a nascent industry, market data can guide businesses as they navigate new waters. We’re here to help steer. We’ve immersed ourselves in cannabis market research in order to empower our clients with the data they need to make informed, strategic decisions.


Located down the street from Anresco Laboratories, the only licensed cannabis testing lab in San Francisco, we’re in a position – literally – to simplify and expedite the fulfillment process. We’ve seen the impact of delayed testing and delivery, and we’re well-positioned to make the process as efficient as possible.